2019 Brussels Summer Schools on EU Affairs



At your pressing request, also this year EU Events is offering a selection of the Summer Schools taking place this year in the European capital.

24/06/2019    4th European Data Protection Law Summer School: Advancing (with) EU data protection
24/06/2019 Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders: EU as a Global Actor
24/06/2019 CLEER Summer School on EU External Relations Law 2019
01/07/2019 Analysing human security in today’s EU
01/07/2019 ECLAN Summer School "The EU Area of Criminal Justice"
01/07/2019 Summer School on EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy
16/08/2019 Solvay Summer School - European Challenges
02/09/2019 More European citizenship - Summer University

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Last update: 22.06.2019