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Organising your event in Brussels? Come and discover EU Events' new partner!

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EU Events is glad to announce a new and promising cooperation in the field of events management in Brussels or anywhere else in Europe.

As you all well know, our mission is informing, as timely and completely as possible, all potential attendees of all EU-related events taking place in Brussels. For this reason we gather them on our website (to date, the most comprehensive existing repository on the matter) and make a selection on those to promote on our social media.

On top of our core activities, we do cooperate with several event organisers also in the planning and organisation of events, of which we then become media partners supporting their promotion on our channels and getting discounts for our followers.

In this context, we wanted to share views with Ms Stephanie Dewez, Managing Director of Corporate Odyssey, our new partner in the field of event organisation.



 Dear Stephanie, let’ us introduce you to our followers: could you explain a bit more about you and Corporate Odyssey? 

sdewezjpegCorporate Odyssey started about six years ago.  Charles, the other co-founder, and I come from complementary backgrounds: I mainly worked in the travel industry (Hotel, Travel Agency...), while Charles is a genuine hotelier with a strong conference and events' experience. We aimed at providing reasonably priced services in a field we are passionate: Facilitating the organisation of events. 

From simply finding the right venue for our clients, we have grown into facilitating decisions regarding transportation, on-site services  ... as well as pre- and poste event tasks: site inspections, registration websites, marketing support and last but not least, VAT recovery. CFOs also appreciate our Strategic Meeting Management Programme (SMMP), giving them an analytical overview of budgeted, contracted and real expenses. 

We, of course, are not specialists in all fields, but we partner with selected specialists, thereby providing event planners a one-stop shop. Finally, we like to describe ourselves as a “boutique agency”: We are a small structure but small means lesser costs, fast, discreet and flexible.


That sounds interesting indeed, but why should our readers outsource their events to you?   

First of all, it seemed to us that a partnership with EU Events was a natural synergy: EU Events provides EU-related event planners the necessary visibility to attain more potential attendees, which encourages them to plan more events and support the promotion and dissemination of EU policies and European values to a broader audience. As event management is a truly time-consuming process, we thought we could pop in and offer our facilitation services. 

Imagine: As an event organiser, you simply send us your needs and criteria. Within a few working days, we come back to you with options to choose from. You have just saved time. 

And of top of it, we are not tied to any hotel company, nor Destination Management Company, nor airlines... so you get an objective overview of all possibilities. 

When you buy from a regular travel agency, they sign the contract with the suppliers and resell it to you. This process also means that they charge you administration fees and / or add a mark-up onto the given price. They also get a commission and sometimes a year end cashback – so they have several sources of revenues that you are paying for.

 We act on your behalf and in your best interest, and are transparent. We negotiate and read the contract for you, while you sign them directly with the supplier. No hidden cost, nor additional fee. For us, trust is key. Our venue finding service, for example, is free of charge as our unique source of revenue is the commission, we get from suppliers. We ensure that their rates are not increased to cover our commission, and due to our purchasing history, they are sometimes lower than rates directly given to you. 

So we can save you time AND money.


But those benefits are for every client of Corporate Odyssey, what does a specific EU Event followers get on top of that? 

Every meeting planner reaching out through EU Events (and only this way) will obtain additional benefits. 

For example, we offer a 10% on event registration website or SMMP fees. We also organize several workshops per year about "EU VAT for Events", where you also get 10% discount. 

Besides that, when the meeting planner trusts us with the full organisation of events, we can act as site inspector and on site manager free of charge depending the size of the group. And in case of repeated collaboration, additional freebies would be granted. 

I already mentioned that we are a boutique company, and we do not aim at growing into a large corporation. At the end, we work with and for the people, not with companies. Our only aim remains a successful event: well conceived and well organised.

(ATTACHMENT: Details on the services provided).


How is this cooperation then going to start in practice?

We have already scheduled two twin trainings on EU VAT exemption for event organisers on 22 May and 11 September. Their promotion is imminent!