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Join Us

EU Events is a unique and leading project for the following reasons:

  • We gather in a single webportal events normally featured on several social media and websites
  • We continously update and correct this information
  • Access to our database is free for all users
  • Event promotion on social media is our only source of funding

Processing hundreds of events every month and promoting them on social media require a complex organisation and a lot of hard work. EU Events is constantly developing and growing to ensure a consistent and continous presence. As said, this service is free of charge for users and event organisers, so our work can only be based on voluntary positions. NB. You do not need to be based in Brussels!

At present, we are in particular looking for Event editors (not organisers) to monitor, search, and process events. These tasks would only take a very limited amount of your time, from 1 to 2 hours max per week and ideally not over the weekend, although we require commitment and respect of the given deadlines, being our aim having events online at least 2 weeks before their actual date. A mentor will assist you in the training phase and make sure you are promptly confident and up-to-speed with the tasks. There is no limit in this function and the more we are, the more our service quality will improve and maintain over time. We only ask for commitment and dedication!

We are also looking for social media translators in several languages, in order to make our message heard across the entire continent. In particular, we still need translators for French and German to start with, but not only...

The task would consist of the following: we normally insert our posts in one of our social media and tag your profile. You reply translating from English into your own language. We will then farther reshare your translations in the coming days and months!

It would be quite occasional and absorb a very limited amount of your free time!

Then if you meet the requirements below, we are your call!

  • A genuine passion for EU Affairs
  • A genuine passion for social media, with an active personal or corporate profile on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
  • You speak a European Language other than English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Estonian, Romania, Slovak, Maltese

If you enjoy team-working, a lively international environment, social media communication, an ever-developing project where your contribution can make a difference, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - if your schedules allow a little extra-time with us, of course!