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Soul of Europe 2019 Brussels

Institutional and Political Issues
Date: Friday, 23 August 2019 14:00 - Sunday, 25 August 2019 13:00

Venue: Residence Palace

Taking place in the political heart of Europe, the main objective of this Soul of Europe conference is to exchange views and ideas on the important challenges which Europe – and in particular the European Union (EU)– is facing, and to undertake a common visioning on the mission and future of Europe.

In light of the course of events over the last decade, it seems that the future of Europe and the EU has never been so much at the centre of people’s attention and forefront of political debate as today. Overwhelmed by recurring economic crises, the influx of refugees, terrorism, strengthened national self-interest and a surge of populism, Europe finds itself amidst a number of unprecedented social challenges. Efforts of the European Union to build ‘an ever closer union’ based on solidarity among its Member States and the motto to stand ‘united in diversity’, are seriously challenged. In the face of these events, the call for social renewal based on the threefolding ideas set out by Rudolf Steiner a hundred years ago, seems more relevant than ever!

The question arises however, how we can work with these ideas in today’s realities and which human qualities we need to develop a sustainable and inclusive future in Europe and beyond? Moreover, how can we awaken the transformative power of the individual contribution?

The focus areas of the conference are therefore European cooperation and integration, re-thinking these from a social threefolding perspective. Starting from the cultural sphere and Europe’s historical identity, we will explore the current social challenges and cross-border democratic structures, which are embedded in a globalising economy. While looking for fresh views on social questions, we aim at raising individual awareness of our own contribution to creating the future of Europe. When Europe succeeds in finding solutions for united solidarity while respecting cultural diversity, this could be a contribution to a peaceful and stable world.

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Rue de la Loi 175 , 1048 Bruxelles


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  • From Friday, 23 August 2019 14:00 to Sunday, 25 August 2019 13:00

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