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The Idea of European Solidarity in the 21st century

Employment and Social policy
Date: Thursday, 06 June 2019 16:15

Venue: Institut d'études européennes de l'ULB - Salle Spaak

The idea of solidarity is at the core of main European political cultures, including the Christian, Liberal, Social-democratic and Green. By various ways of implementation, it has inspired both the national welfare state systems and the European construction. However, this idea has been challenged during the last four decades, both by internal fragmentation and inwardlooking policies and from the outside, notably the neoliberal influence coming from the United States. Europe has been resilient in maintaining the relatively highest rate of social security in the globalized economy, but the deep financial crisis of the last decade and the enhanced migration and refugee flows have provoked multiple social inequalities as well as ethno-nationalist
and xenophobic protectionism.

This keynote will discuss the idea of solidarity fit for the 21st century, coping with the new internal cleavages and external challenges of the EU. For the past 20 years, Maria João Rodrigues has been a leading figure in the reflection and policy making regarding the reform of the European social model and its critical interplay with the unregulated globalized economy. Frank Vandenbroucke, former Belgian Minister, has recently published a reference book focusing on the feature of a possible European Social Union.



39 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Brussels, Belgium


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  • Thursday, 06 June 2019 16:15

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