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EU Events 2.0

EUE 2.0

After almost five years EU Events is experiencing its biggest upgrade ever.

From now on we will have the capacity to publish an increased amount of events and cover a longer period of time. Instead of struggling with the updates, you will see events uploaded almost instantaneously. Already now hundreds of events ara available until the end of the year.

At first, especially our most loyal followers might have the impression the website is losing a bit of touch, as most of the descriptions will disappear and we will encourage you to rather browse directly the source website of the event organisers.

Don't you worry: all key parameters to choose your events are of course still there, e.g. categories and the browsable calendar.

We are still running tests to optimise the new system and making plenty of little adaptations that will accompany the transition and help you getting used to this slightly revised format in the event descriptions.

Here the main advantages linked to this choice:

For Users/Followers

  • The website will be updated in real time
  • You could plan earlier your professional commitments and attendance to the events
  • All possible changes in venue, agenda, schedules will be directly available from the organisers' websites
Our association
  • No traffic loss (less clicks on individual event pages, but more content available overall months in advance)
  • Increased efficiency and better resource allocations (poor us!)
  • Drastic improvement of the service, as a web aggregator
Event organisers
  • Increase in their website traffic from our portal
  • More clarity if it is a private or public event, a webinar or a live-stream event
  • More clarity on who is the actual event organiser
Why still uploading your #EUevents?

If we are now claiming to be so good, you might wonder why you should still upload your own events. The answers are pretty simple and straight-forward:
  • Easily appear on Google search first page
  • We could always miss them
  • You will grant swift visibility to your event among an overall increased amount of events
  • You could provide more details to the users than the average other events we are uploading and therefore make them more appealing to our audience
Dear users, your feedbacks are now more appreciated than ever!
#EUevents team