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Priority approach

Dear followers, dear event organisers,

In 2018 we have confirmed the score of 3.000+ events published on our website. They all have been made public to you within a reasonable delay to allow registration and attendance. Although many have been uploaded directly by event organisers, many others have been missed or not brought to our attention.

Considering the other tasks we need to perform on a daily basis, from social media to planning, and the already massive workload on our team of volunteers, we have decided to apply a new approach when dealing with the contents of our website, e.g. featured events.

We will give priority to all those events (including trainings and webinars) organised by the European institutions and bodies, assuming they remain the best source of information in any policy field. Then, we will try to upload to the extent possible all those by the main thinktanks, universities, and umbrella organisations. These events will be granted their individual event page with all details, like venue and registration links, as it has always been the case.

Remaining events will be dealt with in the limits of our capacity. They will at least be featured in a list by week or month with dates, titles and hyperlinks to the event organisers official webpage without category, image, contact or venue details (see sample). This would allow us to share also all these events immediately, even if they will not be singled out among all the other hundreds online and will be much more difficult to be seen. 

Although this will initially lead to some confusion, we believe this is the best way to keep providing our unique service with the same level of completeness, but in a readier and more selective fashion for the users (and slightly more challenging for event organisers).

Thanks in advance for your understanding and feedbacks, as usual!

EU Events team