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Partnership - Copernico Science14


EU Events is glad to announce a new and promising cooperation with Copernico Science 14 in the field of events management in Brussels.

As you all well know, our mission is informing, as timely and completely as possible, all potential attendees of all EU-related events taking place in the European capital.

Besides, we do cooperate with several event organisers also in the organisation of events. As their media partners, we support their promotion on our channels.

From now on, we will be opting for a stricter partnership policy only involving those organisations committed to have a lasting cooperation, e.g. in the field of event organisation and reporting.

In this context, we have met with Siana Slavova, Community Manager at Copernico Science14, and covered the newly born collaboration in a short interview. Here what she told us!

Dear Siana,

Everything is ready to start between Copernico Science14 and EU Events asbl. It took us quite some time to define the details, although the core of this cooperation has been extremely clear to both organisations from the very beginning. Would you like to explain to our readers why Copernico Science 14 was indeed keen to answer to our request of cooperation?

Siana CopernicoAbsolutely!

We have indeed met already in early 2018 and we had the opportunity to really get to know several new aspects of your organisation, your hard-working style and appreciate the commitment you guys put into it on a daily basis.

You have chosen the difficult task of keeping track of all events on European topics in Brussels, which are organised on a daily basis and on a variety of topics. It is difficult to of everything that is going on in Brussels, but you guys are helping us all, event or policy professionals, to detect the main trends, venues and organisers. You provide a unique angle on the event situation in Brussels!

In addition, we share the same values and drive to innovate in the EU world, which, we believe, constitute the right basis for a fruitful collaboration. Finally, we believe that the two service propositions are complementary and this will further enable opportunities and insights for the future.

Thank you for this! Why should our readers outsource their events to you? In other words, why should EU Events followers resort to Copernico Science 14, if they have to organise an event?

Copernico Science14 conceives spaces that spur innovation and opportunities for professionals and organisations. From exchange of ideas, establishing new relationships to learning, partnerships and growth. This is achieved through an ecosystem of dynamic network of freelancers, SMEs, big corporations, combined with creative spaces for work, networking, meetings and much more and a full calendar of events. It is exactly the same audience, it is exactly the same idea of connecting people, as your motto says: “Follow, Attend, Connect!”.

A partnership with EU Events was therefore a natural synergy: EU Events provides EU-related event planners the necessary visibility to attain more potential attendees, which encourages them to plan more events and support the promotion and dissemination of EU policies and European values to a broader audience. As event management is a truly time-consuming process, we thought we could pop in and offer our facilitation services. Imagine: as an event organiser, you simply send us your needs and criteria. Within a few working days, we come back to you with options to choose from. You have just saved time… AND money.

Then, let’s revert the angle now: why should YOUR clients, namely those reaching out to you for your venue and event-related services (e.g. interpretation, catering, etc.), be interested in EU Events?

You know, in the rush of organising an event, of finalising key aspects like the list of Science 14 Vspeakers and the programme, the attendance and so on, mere promotion is left to all those tools already available: paid services on social media, an e-mail to all your organisation members, word-of-mouth among colleagues, customers, and partners.

This might work today, but it is probably unwise in the long-term. Paid services on social media grant high numbers, but within an often untargeted public. Resorting to EU Events certainly means addressing an EU-focused audience, might increase attention on your event also outside Brussels, and attract new people outside the bubble.

On some other occasions, it is simply the opposite: organisers can count on a rock-solid audience, easy to mobilise and loyal in attending their events. So promoting an event when registration is normally complete within a couple of days might indeed look superfluous.

Yet, we do believe events need to be known beyond the issue of mere attendance. Organisations need to promote their activities, as much as attendees need to simply get to know these organisations for personal or professional needs. In this sense, EU Events is also acting as a showcase for all organisations active in the EU field.

Besides, we share the idea you are relentlessly trying to spread around that events do not end on the date of the event itself. Event reporting during or after the event itself is indeed crucial to ensure that contents are lasting longer and a wider audience is reached. After so many efforts for organising a successful event, organisers, as well as the speakers and other participants deserve to be visible for more time. This imply quite a cultural shift in the event world, where Europe (and Brussels) is most probably lagging a bit behind.

The collaboration between Copernico and EU Events is being launched. What would you expect from this partnership? What are the benefits for the final user?

We expect to create synergies and add value to the offer we propose to our customers. Both our organisations have a strong focus on Brussels, a reputation and a network in the city. Clients will experience the advantage of a well-tested machinery, double connections, coordinated action, attentive listening to their specific needs, either in the case they need to increase the audience, have a more selected one, simply promote the content of their activity or the mission of their organisation, as I have said before.

In practice, EU Events followers willing to organise an event in our venues will benefit from a full event management assistance from A to Z and get access to additional services such as catering, translation, audio and video set up, office spaces, coworking and lounge areas with a 10% discount on the overall service. Similarly, our customers will get free visibility on EU Events and gain a discount on their promotional services.

How is this cooperation going to start in practice?

On top of all the cooperation linked to the organisation and promotion of events, this partnership will lead to the creation of brand new contents for our respective audiences.

You will soon see articles on our respective blogs and posts on our social media that are the outcome of this cooperation. This interview is just a first step in this direction.

Our expertise in the field of events go definitely hand-in-hand and deserve to be outlined as articles to accompany organisers and attendees in the events adventurous world!

Science 14 H