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Cybersecurity - A new EU headline

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Securing network and information systems in the European Union is essential to keep the online economy running and to ensure prosperity. The European Union works on a number of fronts to promote cyber resilience across the European Union.

In view of a dynamically evolving threat landscape and building on the review of the 2013 EU cybersecurity strategy, tackling the cybersecurity perils together was one of the three challenges identified in the mid-term review of the Digital Single Market.

On 13 September 2017 the Commission adopted a cybersecurity package. The package builds upon existing instruments and presents new initiatives to further improve EU cyber resilience and response.

(Source: European Commission)

10 October - "Crypto-Revelation" - How EU is approaching the Virtual Currencies

11 October - Cybersecurity in the energy sector

16 October - The impact of GDPR on cybersecurity and on the development of the Internet

17 October - 6th Annual QED Conference on Cybersecurity

17 October - EBF Cybersecurity Conference 2018

23 October - Enhancing transatlantic cybersecurity cooperation


6 November - BUILDING CYBER RESILIENCE - Aligning strategies and increasing cooperation

8 November - Cyber Security Conference 2018

22 November - Can the EU lead on cybersecurity?

26 November - Presentation of the CEPS Task Force Report on "Strengthening the EU's Cyber Defence Capabilities"

27 November - Hearing on e-Evidence

28 November - SOURCE Conference "Responding to societal needs through security policy"

29 November - The security of European citizens: What role for e-evidence?

4 December - Quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity: Catching up with the future

6 December - 2018 Cybersecurity@CEPS Summit: Quo vadis EU?

12 December - Blockchain: Beyond the Hype - Leveraging digital transformation for value chain integrity

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