Partnership - Emilia Romagna Europe Direct Centre



It is with extreme pride the EU Events is announcing its partnership with the Europe Direct Centre of the Emilia Romagna hosted by the Assemblea Legislativa della Regione Emilia Romagna, the very first one with a public administration.

As a first step, our organisations will join forces around the attendance and reporting of webinars featured on EU Events. They will allow the EDC trainees to attend the events online, to learn more about the organisers and the other intervening organisations, to keep themselves updated about or to discover the latest initiatives from the institutions, while improving their language skills and observing the dynamics of real meetings "directly from the source", being them experts, politicians, journalists and so on.

This is a milestone and a very encouraging feedback for our team at EU Events, as we do believe we are shortening the distance between Brussels and the rest of Europe, between the decision-makers and the actual addressees of the very same decisions, as well as we are supporting all those genuinely interested in the European Union. In this regard, our mission is close in its spirit and modalities to the one of the Europe Direct Centres themselves.

You can see here the first samples of our future cooperation:

We sincerely hope this experience will be fruitful and inspiring for the three current trainees of the Centre and all those who will come in the future months, helping them in their personal and professional path!

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