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A European strategy on plastics

Ocean Plastic Exhibit

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In the occasion of the Commission strategy on plastics at the beginning of 2018, Brussels is investigating all implications in the context of the circular economy, from its environmental to its economic impact.

7-8 February - Petcore Europe Conference 2018 - Strategy for PET in the Circular Economy

13 February - Plastics in a circular economy – Turning challenges into opportunities (Organiser: EPC)

27 February - Plastics strategy: Challenges & Opportunities (Organiser: FEAD)

5 March - Plastics and oceans: How can Europe end further discharge into the oceans? (Organiser: EPC)

21 March - The plastic heart of Europe's industrial renaissance: The role of fluoropolymers in revitalizing the EU's key industry sectors (Organiser: Euractiv)

9 April - Ocean Plastics Lab Exhibition (Organiser: The Ocean Plastics Lab)

9 April - Mission - Plastic Free Ocean (Organiser: Searica)

10 April - EU Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy (Organiser: EESC)

10 April - Trash Poetry (Organiser: EESC)

11 April - Waste to resource: A new circular economy for the plastic packaging value chain (Organiser: ERRIN)

11 April - Plastic Pollution in our Ocean – Tackling a Mammoth Task (Organiser: JPI Oceans)

12 April - Blue China – Can the EU and China save our Oceans? (Organiser: EU-Asian Centre)

7 June - Fighting marine litter: The contribution of plastics which are biodegradable in the marine environment (Organiser: EP - EBCD)

19 June - Awareness-raising event on Plastics and Plastic Waste (Organiser: EP)

27 June - Conference on Ocean Microplastics Issue and the bio-based plastics solution (Organiser: Poleaquimer)

25 September - Plastic Packaging and the EU Plastics Strategy (Organiser: European Plastic Converters)

21 November - A plastic-free Mediterranean Sea in the making (Organiser: Searica)

22 November - Marine litter: What role for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)? (Organiser: EP - EBCD)

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NB. the present list could updated several times per week with new events or details. Please check it regularly. Nevertheless, if you need a sneak preview on all upcoming events, please write to us!