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Artificial Intelligence to turn the tables of EU policy-making?


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AI is undoubtedly one of the hot-topics when discussing innovation at international level. Discover how Brussels' stakeholders will debate on opportunities, challenges and perspectives on this fascinating theme.

NEW 3 October - AI Convention EUROPE

15 April - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Rights (Organiser: Academy of European Law)

NEW April - AI ''Made in Europe'': governmental strategies and business challenges (Organiser: European Parliament)  

4 April - European AI Strategies: Where Do Member States Stand, and Where are They Headed? (Organiser: Center for Data Innovation)  

NEW 28 March - Health-ICT WG Meeting on AI (organiser: ERRIN)

NEW 21 March - Artificial Intelligence: what do I need to know?

NEW 19 March - Article 17 Dialogue Seminar on "Artificial Intelligence: Ethical Concerns" (Organiser: European Parliament)    

18 March - AI SUMMIT: INNOVATION & GOVERNANCE 2019 - Is Europe shifting the AI world order? (Organiser: Politico)

22 February - Law & AI: Liability (Organiser: Brussels School of Competition)

20 February - Using AI to Fight Disinformation in European Elections (Organiser: Center for Data Innovation)

20 February - Neurotech and AI: Do We Need New Human Rights? (Organiser: BBVA and OpenMind)  

19 February - Robots in Healthcare (Organiser: European Parliament)   

19 February -  Connectivity of the digital future (Organiser: European Parliament)    

18 February - What role can Europe play in Artificial Intelligence (Organiser: European University Institute)    

7 February - Artificial Intelligence for early diagnosis and treatment (Organiser: European Parliament)  

6 February - European Societal Challenges: The Future of Human-Robot Interaction (Organiser: WhiteRose Brussels

31 January - Hate Speech and Artificial Intelligence (Organiser: Centre on regulation in Europe - CERRE

29 January - Beyond the hype: Algorithms (Organiser: European Policy Centre - EPC

28 January - The Impact of AI on Diplomacy and International Relations (Organiser: Center for Data Innovation

19 January - Shaping competition policy in the era of digitalisation (Organiser: European Commission, DG COMP

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