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Is there a real Blue Growth in Europe?

BLUE GROWTH 1024x616

... And what Blue Growth really is? Is the EU going to have an impact? (see: source).

For a couple of years now Brussels is discussing this topic. Come and give a closer look on the latest developments, as discussed by the Institutions and the private sector. Now and in the coming months, this will be one of the key topic followed by EU Events.

14-15 February - BlueBRIDGE Workshop on Supporting Blue Growth with innovative applications based on EU e-infrastructures (Organiser: BlueBridge

22 February - Accelerating Blue Growth through Knowledge Transfer (Organiser: Eurocean

27 February - Blue innovation: Oceans to feed the planet - Round table (Organiser: European Commission)

27 March - Blue Growth: science, society and innovation. A focus on the Mediterranean and Black Sea (webinar - Organiser: CMCC)

16 May - ERRIN Blue Growth Project Development (Organiser: ERRIN)

17 May - Blue Invest 2018 (Organiser: European Commission)

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NB. the present list could updated several times per week with new events or details. Please check it regularly. Nevertheless, if you need a sneak preview on all upcoming events, please write to us!