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May Project of the Month - CIMEC project (Cooperative ITS for Mobility in European Cities)


The CIMEC project (Cooperative ITS for Mobility in European Cities), as a Coordination and Support Activity (CSA), aims to facilitate the take-up of C-ITS by increasing the alignment of technological solutions with user needs, thereby reducing perceived barriers and risks in deployment. CIMEC focuses especially on this urban C-ITS context.

CIMEC brings together key collaborative institutions, supported by a panel of core cities and by the European city network Polis and members of multiplying organisations represented in the consortium. These meta-networks have extensive experience in bringing together cities and suppliers to optimise ITS.

Firstly, the project will identify the cities’ main transport challenges and associated strategies, and barriers towards take-up of C-ITS solutions, providing insight into internal and external conditions which guide the choices and priorities of cities in employing C-ITS solutions for solving transport challenges. This will be done through the organisation of individual workshops with the cities.

The purpose of the workshops is for cities to present their transport challenges, their strategies for dealing with these challenges and the role that ITS/C-ITS (potentially) plays in both strategy and practice. The workshops will particularly emphasise the cities’ barriers and obstacles towards greater use of C-ITS solutions, related to costs and benefits, compatibility and interoperability with existing infrastructure, and effectiveness.

The final event of the CIMEC project, organised in cooperation with the Representation of the State of Hessen, will be held on 18 may 2017. It will focus on sharing the main findings of the project and on next steps.

Conference participants will learn about the views and requirements of cities regarding C-ITS, the current state of the supplier market and where deployment in cities can happen which is beneficial to, and minimises risk, to city authorities.

This event will also provide an opportunity to learn about national programmes and plans for cities to move towards C-ITS deployment as well as European activities in this area.

Find out more: http://www.eu-events.eu/6580-cimec-final-conference.html