June Project - CARVE Companies for social change





Eu Events is very pleased to present the fifth "Project of the Month": CARVE - COMPANIES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE, co-funded by the European Commission Daphne III Programme

“CARVE – Companies Against Gender Violence” is the first European project addressing domestic violence committed against women from the workplace.

Indeed, despite the significant consequences of domestic violence on the professional life of both victims and offenders, companies lack recourses to deal with this issue. CARVE aims to investigate it so as to establish a global vision of the state of play, create a European Guide of Good Practices and raise awareness on gender-based violence through a European comprehensive campaign led by companies.

Reasons to involve my company

> Domestic violence committed against women is a widespread social plague with consequences in every area of the society. Companies are not immune: domestic violence negatively affects the professional life, productivity and safety at the workplace of women in situation of violence.  

> Working women spend most of their day in the company. Thus, the workplace appears as the best (if not the only) place where their situation can be detected and where they can find information and seek assistance.

It is therefore necessary for companies to be provided with accurate information to get a better comprehension of the issue, as well as with tools to manage it.

Project outcomes


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