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Summer schools on European Affairs in Brussels

What are your plans for this summer? Why don’t you spend your vacation time in the European Capital? This Summer, Brussels will host several Summer Schools where students and professionals can boost up their skills and academic knowledge.

Discover with us all the summer education opportunities in Brussels. EUevents provides you with an exhaustive list of EU-related Summer Schools.

  • EUROPE AND THE WORLD by  University of Kent

The Brussels Summer School is centred on the theme of ‘Europe and the World’ which builds upon the academic strengths of the school. Within this context various sub-themes will be also covered, these include migration, the European Union’s (EU) relationship with emerging powers such as China, and the EU’s response to the global economic crisis.

Dates: 20 June to 1 July 2016

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/1TnbDJR

  • Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders: ‘EU AS A GLOBAL ACTOR’ by Institut d’Études Européennes – Université libre de Bruxelles

As a leading Summer School held in the ‘Capital of Europe’, the one-week program aims to immerse the participants into the theory and practice of EU policymaking with a special focus on the ‘EU as a Global Actor’. Through a series of lectures, debates, workshops and study trips to different EU institutions and the NATO Headquarters, the Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders provides the participants with a policy-maker’s ‘insider’ perspective into how the European Union and its leaders deal with the closely interlinked key contemporary security, economic and political challenges facing the block. The lectures and discussions are conducted by senior EU policymakers and diplomats, top NATO officials and leading academic experts.

Dates: 26 June to 1 July 2016

Application Deadline: 31 May 2016

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/1SCVKPR

  • EU Business Law and WTO Trade Practice Summer School by IEE-ULB and Van Bael and Bellis

This Summer School is aimed at advanced students (students who have completed at least the second year of their degree) with various academic backgrounds (law, political sciences, economics), legal practitioners and policy analysts willing to acquire a better understanding of the European Union law with a focus on business law and international trade law.

Dates: 27 June to 15 July 2016

Application Deadline: 1 May 2016 or 15 May 2016 for Blue Book Trainers of European Commission

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/1W0jeE9

  • CLEER Summer School by Maastricht University

The programme will comprise interactive lectures delivered by renowned academic experts, workshops led by experienced practitioners and excursions to the EU institutions, enabling participants to glean first-hand experience of how theory is transformed into practice.

Dates: 27 June to 1 July 2016

Application Deadline: 6 May 2016

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/1rsUMyI

  • Intensive Seminar on EU - Classic Formula- College of Europe Summer School by College of Europe (Brussels and Bruges)

The Classic three-week programme is specifically designed for professionals who have no previous knowledge of the EU or wish to refresh the knowledge they acquired some years ago.

Dates: 27 June to 15 July 2016

Application Deadline: 6 June 2016

Language: English


  • ICHEC Summer School 2016 by Brussels Management School

ICHEC Summer School 2016 is a great mixture of courses, cultural activities and company visits will allow you to develop managerial skills in a thrilling international environment.

Dates: 2 July 2016 to 16 July 2016

Application Deadline: 15 April

Language: English


  • The EU area of Criminal Justice by ECLAN

The objective of the Summer School is to provide participants with an extensive knowledge of EU criminal law. The classes are both theoretical and practical. They are conducted by academics, national experts or European officials who deal every day with the European criminal area. The Summer School is specially designed for practitioners in the field of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, EU or national civil servants as well as researchers and students interested in the EU area of freedom, security and justice.

Dates: 4 July to 8 July 2016

Application  Deadline: 31 May 2016 (24 May for scholarships)

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/1X1Dq89

  • Summer School on EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy by Odysseus Network

The Summer School has been carefully designed and developed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the immigration and asylum policy of the EU from a legal perspective. The programme is organised by the Odysseus Network for Legal Studies on Immigration and Asylum in Europe, which was founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission and is coordinated by the Institute for European Studies of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

Dates: 4 July to 15 July 2016

Application Deadline: 10 June 2016

Languages: English and French

Link: http://bit.ly/1X1JVYD

  • Summer School in EU Policy Making  by Institute For European Studies and Wien Universitat (Brussels and Vienna)

Packed with lectures, study visits and simulation games, this programme attracts students and young professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of the European institutions, European law and the European decision-making process in general.

Dates: 4 July to 15 July 2016

Application Deadline: 1 May 2016

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/1pVlfDT

  • Intensive Seminar on EU - Advanced Formula- College of Europe Summer School by College of Europe (Brussels and Bruges)

The Advanced two-week programme is targeted at professionals who already have a substantial knowledge on EU affairs. During hands-on modules and workshops, participants will be able to practice EU negotiation and lobbying techniques and enhance their professional skills. A keynote speech, a panel discussion on the challenges ahead for the EU and other didactic and social activities complement the programme.

Dates: 4 July to 15 July 2016

Language: English

Application Deadline: 6 June 2016

Link: http://bit.ly/1SIVnXp

  • Intensive Seminar on EU - Compact Formula- College of Europe Summer School by College of Europe (Brussels and Bruges)

The Compact formula is specifically designed for professionals with working experience in EU affairs who wish to refresh their knowledge on specific European policies and to discuss selected issues with high-level experts. The one-week programme offers a thorough analysis of EU horizontal issues and current policy challenges so to provide the solid background necessary to understand today’s politics and processes at EU


Dates: 4 July to 8 July 2016

Languages: English and French

Application Deadline: 6 June

Link: http://bit.ly/23ltB4J

  • ALPEUREGIO Summer School 2016 by Regione del Tirolo – Alto Adige – Trentino

L’Alpeuregio Summer School permette ai partecipanti di approfondire le loro conoscenze sull’Unione europea, di affrontare i dubbi e fornire risposte alle legittime domande, rappresentando, inoltre, un’occasione unica per ricevere informazioni rilevanti sulle opportunità lavorative e professionalizzanti all’interno delle Istituzioni europee.

Dates: 4 July to 14 July 2016

Languages: Italian and English

Application Deadline: 14 April

Link: http://bit.ly/1Z6PvYf

  • EURADA Summer Course

During 3 days of summer course, regional practitioners will acquire knowledge, valuable contacts and skills to prepare high quality project proposals for their regional development agencies. The course is focused on programs useful for regional development agencies like H2020, COSME or Interreg Europe. The project proposals will support territorial cooperation, innovations in companies and regional economic development.​

Dates: 4 July to 6 July 2016

Languages: English

Link: http://bit.ly/29hUncz

  • Summer School in Cooperazione allo Sviluppo by Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce

La Summer School in Cooperazione allo Sviluppo intende offrire a giovani laureati o laureandi l’opportunità di apprendere a livello teorico e tecnico tutti gli aspetti della politica europea di cooperazione allo sviluppo internazionale e dei relativi programmi di finanziamento europei. Il corso si rivolge a chi intende diventare attore della cooperazione internazionale, ma anche a chi, già attivo nel settore ad esempio in ONG, associazioni o organizzazioni internazionali, desiderasse approfondire il tema dei finanziamenti europei, come reperirli e come gestirli una volta ottenuti.

Dates: 11 July to 22 July 2016

Languages: Italian and English

Application Deadline: 20 May 2016

Link: http://bit.ly/1X6gViC

  • European Challenges Summer School by SOLVAY Brussels School of Economics and Management

This summer school aims to offer an overview of different European Economic and Financial issues and to get students from all over the world to connect.

Dates: 19 August to 27 August 2016

Language: English

Application Deadline: 29 May/20 June 2016

Link: http://bit.ly/1Z6R60o

  • CEPS Summer School -CEPS Summer School: Economic and Financial Governance of the European Monetary Union by CEPS

The programme offers a unique opportunity to learn how EU governance works in an international and multi-cultural environment in a highly-reputed global think-tank with long-standing experience in the policy-making process of European institutions and international organisations. The learning programme will combine lectures with problem-based activities, including case studies, discussion groups and workshops with policy-makers. The experience will be enriched by simulation games and study visits to the EU institutions.

Dates: 5 September to 10 September  2016

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/1Z74FNk

-     AGORA Summer School

During 4 days, the EWL will set up an inclusive space to exchange, to inspire, to reinforce   skills    through workshops, conferences, skills-sharing, and expertise, facilitated by EWL and partners.The EWL will select around 50 candidates by end of June 2016. The programme will build on the needs and expectations of the selected participants.

Dates: 7 September to 11 September 2016

Language: English

Link: http://bit.ly/23CXsG6


The two-day event will mix panels and workshops. Panels are aimed at training Eurodiaconia members on basic concepts of EU policy-making and EU competences on social policy, and the main challenges for social protection systems today. Workshops will have a more in-house and participatory focus to gain Eurodiaconia members’ input on national realities and ways to look at EU social policies based on their hands-on experience.This training aims to gather a broad range of stakeholders with a voice on the topic. Besides Eurodiaconia members, it should gather academics, EU policy makers and civil society actors, among others.

Dates: 7 September to 8 September 2016
Languages: English
Link: http://bit.ly/28JXhpX    

  • Master in EUROPROGETTAZIONE – Summer School Edition by EuropaCube Innovation Business School

Il Master è una proposta di Alta Formazione specialistica sulle metodologie e sulle tecniche di progettazione comunitaria, con l'obiettivo di migliorare la capacità di partecipazione, comprensione e successo ai bandi di finanziamento europei. Fornisce competenze per imparare ad impostare concretamente il lavoro per una proposta progettuale che abbia tutti gli elementi per essere vincente, valutata positivamente e finanziata.

Dates: 13 September to 17 September 2016

Languages: Italian and English

Link: http://bit.ly/1rhnMJD

..... and more to come!

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