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March project - MLearn


Eu Events is very pleased to present the second "Project of the Month": MLEARN PROJECT, co-funded by the European Commission Life Learning Programme (LLP)


The MLEARN project aims to embed mobile technologies within mainstream learning by providing training on hand-held devices for both teacher trainees and existing teachers.  The MLEARN programme challenges teachers to think creatively about mobile learning and will develop their confidence to try new ideas within the whole school curriculum.

In July 2014, expert trainers in the UK delivered the training to teachers from the partner countries: Italy, The Netherlands, Romania and Greece. This training was then adapted to the national contexts and cascaded in to a cluster of schools within each of the countries.

Over the course of a year the researchers tracked the impact of MLEARN training on teachers and their follow-up use of devices in the classroom. Responses from both learners and teachers were collected across UK, Italy, Netherlands and Greece which have been assessed by the team and will be presented at the final MLEARN conference in Brussels on 15th March. The research highlights the changes in learning that took place across all of the countries and recommendations for continuing the impact following on from the trial.


The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) was designed to enable people, at any stage of their life, to take part in stimulating learning experiences, as well as developing education and training across Europe.

With a budget of nearly €7 billion, the programme, which ran from 2007-2013, funded a range of exchanges, study visits, and networking activities.

The activities of LLP continue under the new Erasmus+ programme from 2014-2020.


Find out how the MLEARN transnational partnership in UK, the Netherlands, Greece and Romania has explored and promoted teacher development of mobile learning practice so that mobile learning is integrated into everyday classroom practice. See how by developing accredited teacher training courses and related resources in each partner country, these can be used for teacher training of both trainee and established teachers not only in MLEARN partner countries but in your country too, using ECVET tools and methodologies to support this.Further information on the project http://bit.ly/1T7VPA0.