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Good governance is increasingly becoming a core topic for sport organisations at all levels. There are plenty of reasons to explain this trend, including the pressure on the proper use of public funds as well as the responsibilities of sport organisations towards their sports and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it has been shown that investing in good governance leads to an organisation with the right ethical behaviour, which is governed more efficiently, is more resistant to various risks and is more effective in reaching its objectives. Therefore, investing in good governance is investing in sporting success.

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Information and Communication Technology for health and wellbeing (eHealth) is becoming increasingly important to deliver top-quality care to European citizens. The 'eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020' of the European Commission describes the actions foreseen on this topic (source).

EU Events selected the next appointments in Brussels Covetring the subject and will keep doing so until the end of 2016.


Back in 2011, when two professors from Stanford University decided to offer a free online course about Artificial Intelligence, they expected a few thousand students at the most to enroll, but by the start of the class they have more than 160.000 persons who wanted to attend the course.

Today, Massive Online Open Courses are very popular and there are several platforms offering online courses for free. Most MOOCS are modeled on traditional course materials, learning theories and higher education teaching methods. Coursera, Edx, Open2Study and Canvas are only some of the most popular MOOC providers.

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While the referendum is leading to unclear political outcomes and the renewed UK leadership at the government awaits, Brussels is trying a fair guess on all available options on the table. Join experts and speakers for an analysis on several domains where the brexit might have a huge impact for us all.



Sustainable food security is one of the most pressing issues in the world. The number of people on our planet is growing. Agriculture has to produce more food on less resource. Furthermore, farmers are facing increasingly volatile and integrated markets for both input and output. Food price spikes like in 2008 or 2011 threaten particularly the poor people, whose adaptation capacity is limited.