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... And what Blue Growth really is? Is the EU going to have an impact? (see: source).

For a couple of years now Brussels is discussing this topic. Come and give a closer look on the latest developments, as discussed by the Institutions and the private sector. Now and in the coming months, this will be one of the key topic followed by EU Events.

EUevents Big Pharma

Can the European Medicines Agency (EMA) be truly independent, if it also is in close contact with the pharmaceutical industry? Last week , experts discussed this (and other related topics) at our event in the European Parliament, which Wemos co-organized with the European Parliament group of SP (GUE/NGL).

During the event on 9 January, the experts discussed EMA’s way of working and its relations with the pharmaceutical industry. Some stressed that conflicts of interest exist in all sectors, and that EMA – in order to operate properly – in fact needs its contacts with the industry. According to Noel Wathion (deputy Executive Director of EMA), the agency has a robust system of checks and balances.


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Brexit has never left the European agenda since its beginning. Now that it is finally shaping up, it remains one of the most controversial topic debated in Brussels. Follow with EU Events the many aspects and implications, as viewed and reviewed by policy-makers and experts.

A month and a half ago I had the opportunity to attend the European Defence Industry Summit, taking place in Egmont Palace, Brussels. The organizers together with the European Business Summit team did a great job in providing an excellent follow-up material, which allowed having a detailed overview of all the speeches and presentations. [See summary note written by Mrs. Armida van Rij, Policy Researcher, King's College London]. However, in order to continue follow-up exchange of information I would like to present some of my observations and reflections, inviting participants and other interested parties to share their impressions and further topics to address regarding European Defence policies.