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The webinar “Food Waste: cities to the rescue! From diagnosis to strategy” took place last 19 June and focused on the development of a strategy to tackle the problem of food waste in European cities.

It rose from a successful collaboration between FoodWIN, the European Food Waste Innovation Network supporting European cities to reduce food waste, EUROCITIES, the network of major European cities and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, signed in Milan in October 2015 during Expo by more than 100 cities.

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How to believe or not to the information Europeans are reading or acquiring via several sources, especially in times when outside actors seem to deliberately play a role in the opinion-making process on social media? How to filter the information flow, which by definition is disorderly to the extreme of human brain capacity? How to defend harmless citizens from twisted hints in a time where only a few specialists can really read complex and highly technical issues in and out?

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