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The last “EU Green Week” took place in May and like every year it represented the greatest opportunity to discuss the European environmental policies: various conferences in Brussels and events across Europe to create together the rules for a greener Europe.

This Green Week edition focused on the state of implementation of environmental laws, especially on the active role of European citizens, under the slogan “Take the initiative!”. Citizens play a key role in European policies and are themselves the primary promoters and the main beneficiaries of environmental legislation.

When You Think European Elections Think Human Rights

In cooperation with EuroBabble

The EU claims to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms both within Member States and elsewhere – but to what extent do the European Institutions really secure the personal safety and liberty of individuals? And how can our participation in this week’s long-awaited European Parliamentary elections have any effect on both European citizens’ rights and those of people around the world?


Brexit Day

In cooperation with EuroBabble

The 29th March 2019 was engraved in many of our minds for 2 years as the day that the UK finally breaks away from its former EU family. Whether this day was eagerly anticipated or dreaded, it was unanimously deemed as a turning point for the future of Europe.

Alas, the date came and went and we are none the wiser. But far from a day to forget, this was also the date where members of the European Future Forum (EFF) gathered with like-minded European initiatives in the European Parliament. And appropriately enough, discussions revolved around the necessity for European states to break down barriers and join forces for a progressive future.


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