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Alliance 4 Europe held on 31 January 2019 its first event of the year in Brussels, at the Press Club, to discuss the roots and responses to euroscepticism, with a particular focus on the European Parliament elections in May 2019.

Ms Danuta Hübner, MEP from Poland, Mr. Peter Müller, journalist from Der Spiegel, and Mr. Peter Willish, co-founder of Alliance 4 Europe, presented their views in front of more than 100 people, in a discussion moderated by Mr. Yannis Karamitsios, member of Alliance 4 Europe.


This Monday, February 11th, the EU Day Initiative will be discussed and voted in the European Parliament plenary sitting in Strasbourgas part of the report on the implementation of the Treaty provisions related to EU citizenship brought by Maite Pagazaurtundúa, ambassador of the Initiative, to the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, and approved with 19 to 3 votes. If everything goes as expected, we´ll shortly have the European Parliament itself addressing the other European institutions and bodies, or the national governments, with the aim of drawing attention to our cause and eliciting a response.

european elections 2019

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(Quot.) Over the next months, in particular, our citizens will scrutinise how and what the European Union is doing to protect them, create new opportunities and project a strong European Union abroad. They will expect answers to concerns regarding migration flows, security, the environment and jobs. We must work hard to ensure that our citizens are aware of the results MEPs are delivering every day, like asylum reform, working more closely with Africa, fighting terrorism, anti- dumping measures to protect European jobs, holding web giants to account or protecting private data.

Since last year, we have put the European Parliament - the EU’s only directly elected institution – at the heart of the discussion on Europe’s future. Government leaders are now joining us regularly to outline their respective visions to us. This has led to lively debates that will lay the groundwork for us to improve the European project (EP President Antonio Tajani - Source).

Follow with us all events in Brussels in the run-up to the European Elections in May!

As part of its continuous effort to transform Europe's economy into a more sustainable one and to implement the ambitious Circular Economy Action Plan, in January 2018 the European Commission adopted the latest set of measures (source).

Discover with us how the topic will be discussed in Brussels in the course of 2019.

Dear followers, dear event organisers,

In 2018 we have confirmed the score of 3.000+ events published on our website. They all have been made public to you within a reasonable delay to allow registration and attendance. Although many have been uploaded directly by event organisers, many others have been missed or not brought to our attention.

Considering the other tasks we need to perform on a daily basis, from social media to planning, and the already massive workload on our team of volunteers, we have decided to apply a new approach when dealing with the contents of our website, e.g. featured events.

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