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The International Master in European Affairs organised by the the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of European Studies of the Catholic University of Louvain is back with a twin programme to better suit your studting and working needs.

The Master provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the European Union institutional structure, functioning and policies, and with a sound understanding of the EU funding methods and Project Cycle Management tools and techniques. Held in Brussels, in English language, this Master celebrates its 13th anniversary with over 20 editions successfully organised.

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In cooperation with Eurobabble.

European society is in constant flux – from the unstoppable forces of social media, populism and globalisation, to improved mobility making borders fade and cultures mix – there are both pros and cons. It was the “Cities4Europe” event in Brussels on 7th May, where an eclectic panel of experts on politics and culture, from mayors to film directors, discussed the idea that the ancient construct of “the city” is slipping away in Europe.


SME Academy 400x400

We are very happy to announce our partnership and collaboration between EU Events and SME Academy.

The SME Academy Network with more than 600 members from all EU-member states and now including EU Events, is a diverse group of Business Developers, Trainers and Mentors, Consultants, Service Providers, Authorities, representatives from the Public Sector on all levels, Universities with researches, teachers and professors, VET Schools and SME Associations. Initiated in 2013, it offers a number of benefits to its members regardless of whether you are a knowledge provider or are supporting SMEs in activities and projects.


Summer Schools are a great opportunity to enjoy a learning experience abroad, to hear from trainers and professors outside your usual academic circuits, to meet like-minded fellow students and (maybe!) future colleagues.

For these many reasons #EUEvents wants to make sure you are fully up-to-speed on what is going to happen this Summer in Brussels and the rest of Europe.

Check the Programmes and apply well ahead of the registration deadlines!

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