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Open Source Intelligence

ICT and Digital Agenda
Date: Monday, 04 June 2018 09:00 - Wednesday, 06 June 2018 17:00

Venue: Contact organisers for location details  |  City: Brussels, Belgium

This three-day course provides a detailed introduction to the discipline of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). Participants will learn how to identify their intelligence needs and leverage a broad range of tools and sources to improve data collection, analysis and decision-making in their organisation. Over the course of three days, participants will engage with requirements planning, effective web exploitation and security & data management. 

On completion of this course, participants will have acquired the ability to:

  • Identify and manage their intelligence requirements

  • Improve the quality, accuracy and relevance of their search results

  • Automate the collection of data from the web and social media sources

  • Build a personal monitoring system to support strategy and decision making

  • Improve online privacy, anonymity and security

  • Organise data to identify knowledge gaps and support effective analysis


What we do: 

  • We provide training and advisory for companies and government organisations on information and intelligence-related disciplines including open source and competitive intelligence.
  • We work as consultants to public and private sector organizations, as well to international research projects (EU FP7) in the domains of security, intelligence and foreign affairs.
  • We collaborate with our partners in Switzerland, Europe, and beyond to encourage the development and democratization of the intelligence-related skills and literacies (Information Literacies) necessary for effective knowledge work in the 21st century.
  • We advocate and work towards the uptake of these Information Literacies in schools and universities, thus equipping young people with the ability to accelerate their careers and realize their fullest potential.
  • We conduct research on behalf of our clients and in support of our training and consulting activities. Our research focus is truly interdisciplinary and draws on the knowledge of a global network of collaborators.
  • We serve as a bridge between the public sector, the private sector, academia and civil society. In doing so, we enable the flow of insights and ideas that improve the informational and intelligence-related capabilities of all sectors of society.


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Brussels, Belgium




All Dates

  • From Monday, 04 June 2018 09:00 to Wednesday, 06 June 2018 17:00

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