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Virtual classrooms on IP management

IPRs - Webinars
Date: Thursday, 14 September 2017 14:00

Venue: Webinar, Online

The European Patent Office (EPO) is organising a series of five one-hour virtual classroom sessions aimed at introducing the main concepts of IP management, such as the development of IP strategies, the use of patent information for decision-making processes, IP portfolio management, the inclusion of IP rights such as trade marks and designs, patent-based market analyses, IP cost planning, IP licensing and enforcement, and freedom-to-operate analysis.

The virtual classroom sessions are particularly suitable for staff in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) coming to IP management from a background in, for example, R&D, business development or general management.

The sessions are organised as follows:

  • VC1: Thu 14.09.2017, 14:00 CEST (GMT +02:00) - creation and identification of innovative ideas with the potential to become the basis for products and services protected by intellectual property rights
  • VC2: Tue 19.09.2017,14:00 CEST (GMT +02:00)  - preparation of invention disclosure, interviewing inventors, identifying use cases for the innovations and how to work with IP professionals, such as European Patent Attorneys
  • VC3: Thu 21.09.2017, 14:00 CEST (GMT +02:00) - evaluation of technologies, i.e. a prior art search focusing on the extracted innovative technologies, a freedom-to-operate analysis, applying substantive patent law requirements, and a decision based on an initial cost-benefit analysis
  • VC4: Tue 26.09.2017, 14:00 CEST (GMT +02:00) - protection of technologies, i.e. deciding on application strategies for international IP protection, handling the formalities of the application (filing, examination,and dealing with potential opposition, appeal, infringement and revocation proceedings, etc.)
  • VC5: Thu 28.09.2017, 14:00 CEST (GMT +02:00) - monitoring of new IP, updating and condensing/pruning claims illustrated by examples.

The participation fee for all five one-hour virtual classroom sessions is EUR 100.

For more information about the event, click here.

In order to register, click here.






All Dates

  • Thursday, 14 September 2017 14:00

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