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Making Carbon Count: pricing in externalities to drive the Circular Economy

Energy, Environment and Climate
Date: Monday, 11 December 2017 09:30 - 16:30

Venue: Auditorium of the EESC  |  City: Bruxelles, Belgium

In partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee of the European Commission, the World Biogas Association is organising this one-day event to discuss and analyse the current status on carbon pricing, carbon markets and how these could influence European policies on resource management and recovery. The call for a carbon price as well as a reduction in subsidies and tax-breaks for fossil fuel exploration and use, is strengthening with the recently formed Carbon Pricing Leadership Initiative among others, arguing the case (including major oil companies, countries, the IMF and World Bank).

As the European Commission determines what a future Emissions Trading System will look like post – Paris, it is also finalising the Circular Economy package. Whilst the two policies seem to be disconnected, they are potentially synergic as pricing-in the value of avoided carbon emissions, or the cost of carbon emissions, could have a significant impact upon the markets for secondary raw materials from waste.  WBA is especially keen to explore this hypothesis with regards to food waste, but carbon pricing potentially affects most waste streams.

The questions we will be asking in this meeting are: could carbon pricing boost the Circular Economy? What mechanisms are needed? Who pays and who benefits? How would financial markets adjust and long-term investments be impacted?   What political pressure is needed to enable the cost of externalities to be recognised and used as a driver to greater resource recovery?

An illustrious panel of speakers will debate these issues with the audience.

  • David Newman, President WBA will introduce the conference themes and speakers.
  • Dr Janez Potocnik, Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel, UNEP and former EU Commissioner for the Environment 2010-2014*
  • M. Jean Pierre Coulon, President of the Transport, Energy, Infrastructures and Information Society Committee of the European Economic and Social Committee
  • Felicity Spors, Senior Carbon Finance Specialist, Carbon Markets & Innovation, Climate Change Group, World Bank
  • Ollie More, Head of Policy, Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association, UK
  • Jacob Simonsen (Danish Waste Association) for the Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants
  • Vanya Veras, Secretary General, Municipal Waste Europe
  • Trio Wendel, Climate Action Network
  • Dr. Gianni Silvestrini, Kyoto Club Italy

Speakers (names follow) from:

  • Bloomberg News
  • C40 Cities Climate Leadership Initiative
  • FEAD, European Federation of Waste Management Associations
  • EXPRA, Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance *tbc

Register your interest for this exclusive event by contacting, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tickets will be available for purchase from 4 September 2017.




Rue Van Maerlant 2
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium




All Dates

  • Monday, 11 December 2017 09:30 - 16:30

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