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Data, algorithms and EU competition law

Date: Thursday, 07 September 2017 19:00 - 20:29

Venue: Renaissance EU Hotel, Brussels  |  City: Ixelles, Belgium

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion in academic and practitioner-focused fora on how EU antitrust law applies to so-called big data and computer algorithms. 

Some might say that such discussions risk getting ahead of the market

Yet the growing confluence between data accumulation and pricing algorithms in the digital economy can explain the efforts currently being devoted to achieving a consistent international antitrust approach - for example, at the OECD - before the first cases on algorithms and big data arrive.

Generally speaking and relying on established case-law, the treatment of algorithms under EU competition law rests on two important principles, namely that:

  • If pricing practices are illegal when implemented offline, there is a strong chance that they will be illegal as well when implemented online; and
  • Firms involved in illegal pricing practices cannot avoid liability on the grounds that their prices were determined by algorithms.

Participants will benefit in this first Europe-wide discussion, unpacking the key EU antitrust law issues:  

  • The different ways to view data from a competition perspective: as an output, input/asset and as a currency?
  • Data protection as an element of 'quality'?
  • What does "communication" mean to prove 'tacit collusion' under current Court case-law?
  • Price-monitoring algorithms and current EU fining Guidelines?
  • Does EU antitrust law offer answers to all relevant issues or are there some concerns best left to regulatory action?

Cyril Ritter has kindly agreed to join a discussion focussing on the issues that would (not) trigger EU antitrust law interest from Brussels on the use of data in this rapidly-changing landscape.

List of participants (updated 17.08.17)

‘Algorithms and competition' M.Vestager, Bundeskartellamt 18th Conference on Competition, Berlin, (16.03.17).

'Big data and competition' M.Vestager, EDPS-BEUC Conference on Big Data, Brussels (29.09.16)

'Making data work for us', M. Vestager, Data as Power, Copenhagen (09.09.16) 

'Algorithms and collusion' OECD workshop, Paris (23.06.17)



In order to participate in this event, please register here.



Rue du Parnasse 19
1050 Ixelles, Belgium




All Dates

  • From Friday, 01 September 2017 19:00 to Thursday, 07 September 2017 20:29

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