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Master in EU funds and project leadership

Funds, Grants and Projects - Trainings
Date: Monday, 11 September 2017

Venue: Contact the organiser  |  City: Brussels, Belgium

EUROPRO - MASTER IN EU FUNDS AND PROJECT LEADERSHIP is a distinctive professional training on the EU funds management and project leadership. The EUROPRO Master program is an interactive journey through the lifespan of European projects, from the overview of funding sources to proposal writing, project implementation and evaluation. Participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the most advanced techniques for successful, cost-effective design and implementation of EU projects.
The EUROPRO focuses on the growing demand for EU funds and project management qualification in all industries as well as in public administration. The EU funded projects are starting up everywhere, especially in the EU candidate countries in the Balkans, or Mediterranean and Russia where the EU have vivid economic interest. The need for maximising the usage of EU funding is growing in all kinds of organisations world-wide. The EUROPRO includes development of all qualifications that are important for the certification of project managers according to project management associations, for example, the Project Management Professional PMP® of PMI® as well preparations for EPSO tests. But the EUROPRO goes far beyond these elementary qualification standards.
The EUROPRO offers an advanced approach for those wishing to understand the EU funding process in these most uncertain economic times and gain intensive professional preparation for the EU funds specialists world-wide. The EU funds are a complex field of professional activity. Every year, billions of Euro in the EU are granted to implement innovative projects on international, national, regional and local level in Europe and around the globe. Programming period 2014-2020 offers a broad spectrum of the EU funding possibilities available for projects. And planning for the next period already started. However, European regulations require an in-depth knowledge and expertise on all programming levels. The responsible authorities on the one side and the final beneficiaries on the other side need to ensure successful implementation. For everyone responsible it is critical to be up to date with ongoing changes on regulations regarding the EU funding policies. Additionally, the quality of results need to satisfy the highest criteria of relevant stakeholders and warrant significant impact and sustainability.
EUROPRO provides state-of-the-art knowledge and skills on EU Funds management and project leadership and aims at bringing perfection to your day-to-day workflow, maximising the usage of resources and cost vs impact ratio.


Further Info: http://www.balkansecurity.net/PDF/EuroPro%20Masters.pdf




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Brussels, Belgium




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  • Monday, 11 September 2017

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