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We are EUnique Rally

Civil Society
Date: Wednesday, 05 September 2018 17:00 - 19:00

Venue: Schuman roundabout  |  City: Brussel

Two years on from the EU referendum and Britain is more divided than ever. The Brexit people voted for cannot be delivered without severe economic repercussions, as shown by every single government impact assessment. The facts are clear, Britain will be substantially worse off if we leave the EU, whatever deal we strike. On top of this, EU citizens living and working here feel increasingly unwelcome and undervalued and risk having their existing rights taken away from them. Their future is as uncertain as ever and as a result, they’re leaving Britain in large numbers, which puts the NHS and our other public services at risk. Add to this the rise in nationalism, racist and xenophobic attacks and Britain no longer resembles the country we once knew and loved. To the rest of Europe and the wider world we now appear to be an inward looking and isolationist island with delusions of grandeur, not the open and tolerant nation we once were. Time is running out and we need to stop Brexit before it causes permanent damage to our economy, society and reputation as a world leader. 
In September we plan to take a group of Remain supporters to Brussels and Luxembourg to show the EU and its citizens that increasing numbers of us want to stop this catastrophe before it’s too late. We want to demonstrate our support for the EU citizens in Britain who make such a positive contribution to our society. We also want to appeal to the EU to protect our own rights as EU citizens, rights our children were born with, which are at risk through no fault of their own. Everything the Leave campaign assured us of cannot be delivered. Their campaign based on lies and false promises has been exposed, yet still our government irrationally and recklessly seems determined to push forward with Brexit. We need to stop Brexit before Brexit breaks Britain, so please help us achieve this by supporting our campaign.

It is also just a month away from the deadline set by the government in knowing what deal we are going to get if any and the final vote in Parliament. So what better time would there be than then to make our views and feelings known and to show that the remain camp in the UK have not given up to our fellow friends in the EU.



#Stopbrexit #EUevents



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  • Wednesday, 05 September 2018 17:00 - 19:00

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