How do I/my organisation submit an event?

The menu (in blue) offers a button "create events". Only prior registration is required.

Alternatively, please do not hesitate to send directly to a complete set of information, possibly including a logo of the event. We will upload the event within the next 12 hours.

Still we will also process any event submitted via our social networks: FacebookLinkedInTwitter, GooglePlus

What if I made a mistake on my post?

The contents of your posts are entirely under your responsability. Once your post is published, only administrators might change it. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the “Contact Us” button on the upper menu. Please, detail what is to be changed.

How do I register to an event?

EU-Events intends to just act as an intermediary and only the organisers of the event are in charge of registrations. Anyway, whenever information or links are publicly available, we will include them.

I cannot find the agenda, the starting time or the venue of the event. What shall I do?

EU-Events collects publicly available information. It might occasionally happen that information is missing on the source web-pages, has not been shared yet with the public or simply has not yet been defined by the organisers themselves. We advise you to check regularly the website or directly contact the organisers.

Is there a way to synchronise the website with my personal agenda?

Absolutely! The blue icon "Add to Calendar" on the upper right corner allows you to quickly add any event into your Hotmal, Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo account.

I am an event organiser. Why should I upload my events on EU Events?

Because EU Events is the only web-portal gathering targeted events on EU Affairs in Brussels and Brussels only. Because we can count on a stable social media presence and an ever increasing audience. Because we will make sure that whoever uploads a relevant event on our platform will be visible on all our social media networks.

What does the slideshow at the bottom of the homepage represent?

It is a showcase for all those event organisers who have agreed to and are systematically uploading their events on EU Events.

I intend to promote my event in Brussels. How can EU Events support my organisation?

We provide support with logistics, promotion, event reporting.

How shall I check EU Events on my mobile?

You can normally access from your browser or, if you use Android, download our app HERE.