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June - Other events

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Date: Saturday, 01 June 2019 - Sunday, 30 June 2019

These are the events not featured individually on our webportal

Some will be uploaded by our team depending on their importance, while others will only be displayed here.

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12/6/2019 Ethics and public financial management
12/6/2019 Strengthening Consumer Protection in the EU:Improving Enforcement and Cross-Border Collaboration
12/6/2019 Panel Discussion: The Human Rights in Europe
12/6/2019 Transforming Europe's power system
12/6/2019 Members’ information session/workshop on potential alternatives to litigation in Europe
13/06/2019 Skills to support innovation in hospitals
13/06/2019 Higher Education Values in Practice
13/06/2019 Vertical Restraints: Current Issues and Challenges
14/06/2019 How can we create clean air in our cities for a better quality of life?
14/06/2019 Why open science is the future
17/06/2019 NAT - 24th commission meeting
17/06/2019 Smart Specialisation WG Meeting: The Role of Universities and Cities in Smart Specialisation

Summary of the costs and benefits of investments in occupational safety and health (OSH)

17/06/2019 Active Ageing Index (AAI) stakeholder seminar
17/06/2019 AFRICA SUMMIT Africa transforming
17/06/2019 THE QUICKENING COUNTDOWN TO 2030 Learning from each other: The SDGs’ successes and failures
18/06/2019 Le dialogue interculturel dans l’Union européenne : quelles perspectives à l’horizon?
18/06/2019 Protecting consumers taking credit in the digital era: Can we do better?
18/06/2019 Powering today's world with tomorrow's energy
18/06/2019 Priorities of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board
18/06/2019 Networking as a lever for cultural development for cities
18/06/2019 CEPS Low-Carbon Economy Forum (LCEF): Industrial implications of EU and global climate change policy
18/06/2019 Q-Europe Handbook Launch Event
19/06/2019 5th Enlargement Day 2019
19/06/2019 The 14th European Spectrum Management Conference
19/06/2019 Skills for industry strategy 2030
19/06/2019 LLLP Annual Conference 2019
19/06/2019 Energy retrofitting in residential buildings: Make it child’s play*!
19/06/2019 The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU at 10
19/06/2019 European champions vs. hidden champions: What’s the future of European Industry?
20/06/2019 Polis Anniversary Cocktail
20/06/2019 The 11th Annual International Symposium on University Rankings and Quality Assurance 2019
20/06/2019 Simplified Cost Options: experience gained and new opportunities
20/06/2019 Opportunities in energy, ELENA's tenth anniversary and the years ahead
20/06/2019 Financial Instruments for the Low-Carbon Economy
20/06/2019 Lutter contre la fraude au régime de transit douanier au sein de l'Union européenne
20/06/2019 10 years of ELENA - Supporting investments in energy efficiency and sustainable transport
21/06/2019 EUROCITIES webinar on upcoming funding opportunities for cities
24/06/2019 4th European Data Protection Law Summer School: Advancing (with) EU data protection
24/06/2019 Stakeholder dialogue: progress and outcomes of the technical expert group’s work on sustainable finance
24/06/2019 EPBD Stakeholder meeting
24/06/2019 The Sound of Intelligence
24/06/2019 International Future Circular Collider Conference
25/06/2019 Horizon 2020 Energy Info Days
25/06/2019 Competition versus co-operation in multistakeholder internet governance – The EU’s role, values, and interests
25/06/2019 Working towards a balanced energy mix: What role for hydrogen?
25/06/2019 Brokerage Event Horizon2020 Energy calls during Energy Info days
25/06/2019 VP Democracy for sound platforms and independent media
25/06/2019 EUROCITIES webinar on UIA 2019 calls
26/06/2019 135th CoR plenary session
26/06/2019 European AI Alliance Assembly
26/06/2019 Sustainability in practice: corporate governance and investor relations
26/06/2019 Hearing on the Future EU Roma Strategy
26/06/2019 GDPR AT ONE YEAR. After a successful start, where do we go from here?
26/06/2019 MOLTO AGITATO - Italy and the future of Mediterranean defence – Report launch
27/06/2019 11th EGE Plenary meeting
27/06/2019 Leaving no one behind when implementing the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development
27/06/2019 Experiences in bridging the gap between Investors and Project Developers
27/06/2019 Joint 25th Anniversary of the CoR and the Congress
27/06/2019 Webinar on the current state of play of the post-2020 MFF (for members)
27/06/2019 Bringing the long-term unemployed back into work
27/06/2019 EU State Aid Law for Energy and Environment
27/06/2019 German Marshall Fund's Brussels Forum
28/06/2019 Communicating Disability Rights
28/06/2019 New Skills For Customised Accessible Tourism
28/06/2019 Work-life balance: Health and well-being in the digital era
28/06/2019 JT Les Centres de Compétences Européens en Cybersécurité




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