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Transition to fossil-free industries: technology pathways and policies

Industry, Enterprise and Single Market
Date: Monday, 18 March 2019 10:00 - 17:00

Venue: EC, CDMA building, DG RTD Rue du Champ de Mars 21 / Marsveldstraat 21 1050 Brussels

EU Industry Days 2019

Policy Day: Transition to fossil-free industries: technology pathways and policies 

Technology pathways and roadmaps towards decarbonisation are emerging in sectors such as steel, plastics, and other sectors. The role of electrification, of hydrogen, circular and biogenic carbon utilisation, CCUS and new interdependencies between sectors are salient features of such pathways and for re-industrializing Europe. The event will take stock of the current understanding of future options and strategies and based on this explore the implications for future policy-making, research and society at large. The event will bring together EU-funded project and national as well as regional initiatives related to the decarbonisation of energy intensive industry sectors.


The event adopts a multi-stakeholder format to enable the development of a joint understanding of opportunities, challenges and policy needs in the ´hard to abate´ industrial sectors.  The overall objective to explore emerging visions for industrial zero net-carbon pathways and their policy implications and share information and develop knowledge between key EC, core industrial regions, industry and academic experts.


The event includes:


i) policy sessions, to present and discuss policy options in order to explore new ideas and approaches to policy development.

ii) stock-taking of emerging pathways, to present and discuss technology pathways based on current understanding, and identification of knowledge gaps


Speakers include representatives from DG RTD and other DGs as well as from IN4climate.NRW. It also involves representatives of Material Economics, CEFIC, HYBRIT, IN4Climate and REINVENT, EC Innovation Fund, DG GROW, IT50, ClimateStrategies, NRW

Detailed agenda:https://www.in4climate.nrw/english/  

Register: https://www.in4climate.nrw/english/  



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  • Monday, 18 March 2019 10:00 - 17:00

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